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Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool is Coming Back!

On October 28, 2019, Park Board voted unanimously to return outdoor swimmingtoMount Pleasant, and the pool that closed in 2009 will be replaced.

The approval of the pool replacement in the official VanSplash Aquatic Strategy isthe outcome of 16 years of passionate community advocacy.

Thank you to all who advocated for and supported our pool over the years. The Pool Committee has remained steadfast in our goal to replace the outdoorswimming pool per the direction laid out by the community through public consultation.

The Mount Pleasant Community has raised over $112,000 for this facility that willbe funded primarily through Park Board Capital Funds. Extra funds may be requiredfor some pool amenities such as solar heating, a pool cover to prevent loss of heatat night, and washrooms that are accessible year-round to people enjoying thepark as well as the seasonal pool users. We welcome additional tax deductibledonations toward the 'Pool Replacement Fund c/o the Mount Pleasant CommunityCentre Association'.

Your continued patience and support is appreciated while the renewal processunfolds. The planning and design phase will begin in 2020, as we advocate forcapital funds to advance this project.

We look forward to welcoming you to the opening day pool party!

Mount Pleasant - we did it!!!!

We ♥ Mount Pleasant Pool

Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association Pool Committee

Landscape Concept MT Pleasant Park


The Mount Pleasant Pool Committee continues to advocate on behalf of the community for a replacement outdoor swimming pool, which has been identified through public consultation as the most desired recreational amenity in Mount Pleasant.

In December 2012, in response to extensive public consultation and engagement, the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association allocated $100,000.00 toward the replacement pool project. This brings our total funds raised to $101,179.84. Residents hope this will inspire Park Board to begin to look at other funding possibilities such as Capital Plan dollars (2015-2018 Capital Plan), Community Amenity Contributions, funding from other levels of government, green technology grants, and private donations.

Tax deductible donations may be made to the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association, specifying that your donation is for the ‘Pool Replacement Fund’ should a pool be built in the future, or another worthwhile project as identified by the community.

Please join us in our continued advocacy work, and consider making a donation today to make an outdoor pool in Mount Pleasant a reality in our future! For information on how you can become involved, contact the community centre at 604.257.3080 or

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